Shimano Vanquish 2016

First one never follows, right? That feeling I had when I took Vanquish FA out from

BUMBLE LURE – ultimate surface lure

Where to find hardbody topwater lure that overcomes allmost all water obstacles like grass, water lilies,


A small company that produces top of the art fishing spoons  –  that is the way

Monarch Doc’s story

Once you reach a certain point in life and you think you’ve „seen a thing or

COSTA – from the fishermen, for the fishermen!

“COSTA – from the fishermen, for the fishermen!” said Chas MacDonald, president of Costa Sunglasses, during

New Zealand – The Planet of the Trout

This was one of my greatest angler’s dreams since I became a trout fisherman. I visited

Pure Fishing owner Jarden sold for $13 billion

The owner of Pure Fishing has been sold in a deal that is said to be

Mojo Better Bass

One-Upping Themselves St. Croix’s popular Mojo Bass snow stronger, lighter and more sensitive with SCIII® and


If you want to consolidate fishing for carp and grass carp, premium bait and a good

Introducing Fenwick HMG – GS70M-2

This time we will present an excellent rod, but quite rare in our market (Croatia), because