Introducing Fenwick HMG – GS70M-2

This time we will present an excellent rod, but quite rare in our market (Croatia), because the company has no authorized distributor on Croatian soil (if you have relatives in Germany, and want to get this rod, you will not have any problems.

It is a  Fenwick HMG rod, which has so far produced two series of this model, spin and baitcast.
Fenwick, an old American company with 60 years of tradition, has stumbled  in 90s under the pressure of low-cost producers from the East, the last few years, literally from the ashes rises and slowly returns to the world top. Return of old brand on the market, with pleasure, anglers welcomed (especially those from the US), recognizing the old good quality, now refined and enhanced with new technologies.
So this series of spin rods HMG is delighting about the quality of the product and says that only a few years after the first, thrown on the market, a brand new series of the same name – HMG.
Fenwick and new technologies
Fenwick is recognized name in the fishing world, to the older generation and the new, today’s generation of fishermen. Their commitment is to make quality rods through years of work, the willingness to apply innovation in the development process has led on a number of revolutionary solutions in this area. This brings us to the rod series HMG, in which they applied Carbon Veil technology as a key component to achieving high performance.
Since 1953., when Harold Edwards and Tom Anderson, start a small business in a garage in order to “earn a little money on the side,” Fenwick rods were never afraid nor ashamed to apply unique and new technologies to improve the quality of the final product .
The test model – Fenwick HMG – GS70M-2
The test model of the rod, the working title of HMG – GS 70 M – 2 – The 7 ‘0 “¼ – ¾ oz. lure 6 – 15 lb. this rod is from the first series of spinning rods HMG.
It is a two-piece rod, the compound is long and sturdy, accurately fitting. Stick length 2.10 m, which would roughly match the equivalent of 15-50 grams of weight throw. Action is fast, and blank really has a huge reserve of power.
Blank is a premium, not the ultra lightweight but extremely strong because, thanks to the applied Carbon Veil technology, made in a reddish-brown color, specifically the color of cherry tree (as the Cherrywood ). The rod is equipped with a 9 Hardloy Fuji guides. The upper part of the rod waste 8 guides, while one is on the lower part of the rod.  Roll holder is sturdy, well incorporated into the body of the rod and it is also from Fuji. The handle of the rod is coated with a high quality cork, and the bottom of the handle is a cap with the logo of the factory. Rod weight is 270 grams and I would say it is a all-arounder for fish up to a 7-8 pounds.


Translated by MrNo