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First….one note for all foreigners who will read this: some parts of the text may not

Seaguar – Fluoro So Tough It´ll Stop a Silver Bullet

      Fluoro So Tough It’ll Stop a Silver Bullet Salmon, trout and steelhead don’t


 As go the sharks, so go our oceans – says in Costa… Costa have partnered with


Aqua-Vu Unveils Truly ‘Immersive’ Underwater Fishing App Intuitive AV Connect System goes wireless, mobile, and socially interactive


EFTTEX was initiated by EFTTA for the first time in 1982. This has developed over the

Salmo continues expansion in North America

Polish lure manufacturer, Salmo, has continued its North American expansion with the appointment of a new

Megabass to introduce flagship rods into U.S.

Japanese manufacturer Megabass is to introduce its flagship Destroyer rods into the U.S. First released in


Combining passion for fishing, strong team of testers and constant will for discovering new things will

Shimano Vanquish 2016

First one never follows, right? That feeling I had when I took Vanquish FA out from

BUMBLE LURE – ultimate surface lure

Where to find hardbody topwater lure that overcomes allmost all water obstacles like grass, water lilies,