Combining passion for fishing, strong team of testers and constant will for discovering new things will lead you forward in producing efficient fishing gear. Repeating this every day will put you in the top of the bussines. Few years ago friend of mine sent me a mixed pack of Lucky John sof lures because he knew that I’m a big fan of Ultra Light Fishing. He was amazed by the efficiency of those lures and how they make a difference. Great design, lifelike action and scent that stays present for long time even after lure was taken out from the original bag. Cannot beat that…

Their story started back in 1988. with cooperative ”SALMO” specialized as fishing gear and accessories wholesaler. Now Salmo Group incorporates four brands: LUCKY JOHN, NORFIN, COBRA and HEINOLA.


Lucky John – fishing lures, hooks, accessories and rods

NORFIN – winter and summer fishing suits, gear, accsessories, outdoor equipment

COBRA – fishing hooks

HEINOLA – ice drills

I’m a big fan of ”japanese style” lures and on this years Efttex in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to see in live their top product range. Highly detailed lures, inovative design and commitment to perfection.  They say that their protfolio goes for high quality for reasonable price and that’s true. Looking in some hard lures you cannot find any detail that would separate them from top cost gear. They’ve have been designed in Japan and after testing them on water, you can immediately see the application for certain conditions.



Hard lures are including all the modern features that are inevitable today like their MCS or OSS system that are improving casting distance or lure action.shema

Taking look on the Soft lures you can see that they have been thinking outside of the box. Scent and taste are part of the material and that is the reason why it doesn’t wash off or evaporate after usage. They also have floating material for some of the models. Sizes are going from 2 to 5,8” and their JOCO SHAKER won the Best Soft lure 2016 at the China fish show.


Bassara soft swim has the unique color selection, for me best looking soft lures on the market. See it for your self:





Previusly mentioned hooks and weights range:

utezi i udice


…and also small spoons:



Salmo Group owns retail shop chain accros Baltic states and they are present with their products in 25 different countries, they also have warehouses in Russia, Ukraine and China. The majority of products are manufactured in production facilities in Latvia, Finland, Japan, China and Korea giving edge, in quality and cost-efficiency. Give them a visit on their web to see the full range of the products. You won’t be disappointed, trust me. , or


Tight lines!


Compiled by Tomislav Lončarić