Traditional rafting on river Mura

Every year at the end of the school year it’s held the traditional Rafting Cup Mura. Now on the 10th in a series, competition engendered a new winner Secondary School Prelog, which proved to be most skilled in such a relaxed competition.

This is only competition that’s held on unspoiled nature of the Mura River, which is still one of the few rivers that has retained its original state.

From Wikipedia convey the following:

The landscape of the river Mura in Medjimurje is protected as significant by Međimurje County from 18 April 2001. That date is celebrated as the “Day of Mura River” organized by the ZEO Nobilis. Mura is not so significant, but regular annual floods  which happend, and reported on  national television are evidence that this is a big river (average width of 150-250 meters) high and can be fearce if comes to discharge to the surrounding area.

Mura is one of the last significant preserved lowland rivers, especially in its lower course, because in Austria still reconstructed numerous hydroelectric plants. Slovenes and Croats increasingly recognize the value of the river, in terms of nature and eco-tourism, and to her slowly restored in old mills and scaffolding, and ships on the river Mura almost run continuously for more than a century.

The Mura River provides exceptional recreational opportunities especially for rafting, even suitable for kids, kayaking, canoeing and similar activities.

A picture is worth a thousand words.